Arthur Eugene Rockhold and Opal Eleanor Nordman - their ancestry, some family pictures and some incidental history.  

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Still looking for pictures, I know there are more out there. So far, the contributor list is: Dorothy Jean, Marilyn, Diana, Ted and Steve. The pictures on these pages have been formatted into jpg's for the web. I will be happy to share higher resolution pictures if you would email me.

We had so much fun getting together we've planned another family reunion and some more fun! We've found a few new (or is that really old) twigs on the tree.  Email me for the latest information, on the reunion or on our research efforts.




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Arthur & Opal ROCKHOLD 2-3 ..........     2-3

Lafayette & Ella ROCKHOLD 4-5  .....      4-5

Peter & Ida NORDMAN  6-7  ..............    6-7

John M & Rebecca ROCKHOLD 8-9 ....     8-9

Philander & Roxanna PECK 10-11  .....   10-11

Peter & Emma PETERSON 12-13  ......    12-13

Carl & Anna NORDMARK 14-15  ......       14-15

John W. & Rebekah ROCKHOLD 16-17    16-17

John & Elizabeth THORNE 18-19  .......   18-19

Lyman & Fanny HARWOOD 20-21   ...    20-21

Pehr & Emfrid NILSSON  24-25   .........  24-25

Carl & Sara ALMSTROM  26-27 ...........  26-27

Petter & Marie ANDERSSON 28-29  .....  28-29

Jens & Johanne HANSEN  30-31  ........  30-31

Nathaniel & __  ROCKHOLD/ROCKWELL  32-33